Joists are down!

    Yay! It's so exciting to see visible progress on the bus - esp. after all that tedious prep work! We put our joists down with fatty self-tapping wood-to-metal screws. Those suckers went in real nice - we didn't have to pre-drill or anything. We did, however, break our drill towards the end. We brought it back to Jerry's and they gave us a new one. =)

    Our skyboard got delivered, too - and they gave us a pallet to boot! I think we'll be able to use the pallet as a support under our raised bed. Awesome.

    Bought a $20 pair of heavy-duty nippers to cut the staples off the recycled tounge and groove floorboards. I nipped while J and Lara washed and dried them.

    Fresh delivery - dig the free pallet...

    Julia resting after putting in the last of the joists!!
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