Where Have I Been?

    Gee Wizardry! Where have I been?

    Reading Harry Potter and almost finished.

    Creating a workshop presentation for the college's HR department, developing the presentation and most of the materials. That has been my day and night work for the past 2 weeks. I haven't even been able to read any blogs or catch up with any of my blog friends. However, we did the presentation yesterday and now that is done.

    I now have one day to catch up on my real job duties, get all in order before heading off to Oregon tomorrow. So, still a little hectic and lots to do when I get home tonight, like laundry, open up the tent trailer clean it out, pack it up, wash the car, pack my bags, water all the plants so hopefully they won't die while I am gone. I am dreaming here, unless it rains the entire time I am away, they most likely will all be fried!

    VACATION!!! Oh, Yea! The real bummer is my hubby doesn't like camping and decided to take a gig out of town and not go. Big fight/discussion followed. My son, the oldest of my kids (31) and my grandson (7) will be driving up with me. My two younger daughters will be driving up on Sunday. On Monday we will all go white water rafting. Tuesday we drive to Brookings Oregon. My most favorite place in the world. (Well, not counting Italy!) Then return to Vegas and hella heat on Sunday.

    Peace and Love to all and I will be back in a week.

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