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Art Of Painting Graffiti Alphabet

3D Painting Graffiti ART Using PAINT and Brushes

Blue-GREEN Stack Graffiti Alphabet

Handmade Pretties

    I've been getting a ton of emails asking about our Christmas stockings from the Better Homes & Gardens shoot. 

    They had the recycled sweater stockings made for us by Lara Newsom of Handmade Pretties and & I can't get over them!!!  (We have our ratty old sentimental ones that we love for Christmas morning but these beauties are hanging on the mantle :)

    We also tied some of her felt ornaments on wrapped packages:

    And they're hanging in our tree too:

    The boys absolutely love the sweater balls she made...

    They're under our tree right now and it's fun to see the boys go in and start playing with them.  It looks like presents waiting under the tree!!  Here they are:

    {photo by Lara}

    I know Lara is totally backed up before Christmas but if you can wait, it's so worth it!!

    xoxo, Lauren

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Neon Light Graffiti Alphabet : Letters A - Z

    Graffiti Alphabet, Graffiti Letters,Graffiti Letters A-Z
    Graffiti Alphabet in a model and a neon light rays so attractive and beautiful. Reminded how beautiful and interesting to make light of the current graffiti has evolved by combining the art of photography and camera technology. You will not be able to say that this is the usual graffiti because it is modern graffiti evolved with the progress of time available, graffiti continues to grow and become more imagination to adjust and follow consumer demand based on the era though graffiti existed since ancient times remains the basis and foundation as the birth of graffiti newer and innovative. Let us welcome the new era of graffiti. Graffiti light dazzling everyone will glare and make us lost in feelings.

    Graffiti Alphabet, Graffiti Letters
    Neon Light Graffiti Alphabet : Letters A - Z

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Graffiti Alphabet "T-Shirt" in the form of 4 Different Colors

Convex Mirrors

    {Mount Vernon Federal reproduction Convex Mirror by the Friedman Brothers  $3200}

    I've had my eye out for a Federal-style convex mirror for a while...  Alone, they can be very serious pieces, often thought of as formal & symbolic.  Above, the 13 balls surrounding the mirror represents the 13 original colonies, and of course, the Eagle, chosen by our Founding Fathers, symbolizes the United States of America.  Originals and even good reproductions like the mirror above cost in the thousands.   In the 1940s and 1950s, a bunch of reproductions were made out of plastic and other cheaper materials and then painted gold.  I looooove the one below on with a starting bid around $1200. 

    In the photo below, Dorothy Draper used a massive ornate convex mirror for the Greenbrier Hotel:

    {Dorothy Draper, the Greenbrier Hotel, photo via

    Below, Markham Roberts used a guilded Regency convex mirror above a fireplace in a new home that he worked hard to "age."  This story came out a few years ago and I really loved it because it showed how to add patina and a sense of history & permanence to a brand new home. 

    {Markham Roberts in House Beautiful by Eric Piasecki}

    ...But as formal as Federal style convex mirrors can come across when used traditionally, they can also read modern & fresh when used unconventionally.  Below, Darryl Carter has a painted black convex mirror in his bedroom. 

    {Darryl Carter's bedroom in Elle Decor Magazine}

    I love Eddie & Jaithan's small white one below.  It's so unexpected and adds a bit of whimsy to the room:

    {Eddie Ross in Lonny, photo via Matters of Style blog}

    And how pretty and & glam is this mirror layered over mirrors below?

    {also Eddie Ross!!}

    A bit more versatile are plain convex mirrors as seen in the living room below.  The domed mirror itself is beautiful:

    {JB Randall Powers in House Beautiful, photo by Luca Trovato}

    Smaller ones can be added almost anywhere:

    {image via decoroad}

    If you look closely at many of them, you'll see the balls or starts inlaid in the frame reminiscent of the 13 original colonies.  Many of them have exactly 13.

    {House Beautiful}

    {image via}

    The convex mirror below lends a cool vibe to the room.  I love it when the mirror is old & spotted.

    {Miles Redd in House Beautiful}

    ...And... -finally-  I found my very own vintage convex mirror when I was shopping at a thrift store in High Point with my friend Maria of Colour Me Happy.  I think it's one of the 40s or 50s reproductions and I might reguild it.  The mirror has been aged to perfection and it's complete with the 13 balls representing the original Colonies.  It was just the thing missing from above my nightstand:

    {my bedroom.. photo by Helen Norman}

    I'm always on the lookout for them and ebay has some pretty good deals.  That being said, there's nothing like an original & the beauty & history it posesses, so antique stores & sites selling mirrors in the thousands are also worth looking into if you have the budget.

    xoxo, Lauren

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