La empresa italiana Da Llagnese, desarrolla un nuevo concepto en dormitorios modernos.

    Todas las lineas de Da llagnese son dormitorios importantes y para grandes espacios, son dormitorios modernos y funcionales sin olvidar los clasico y tradicional.


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    Los grupos de cuadros son un clasico en las decoraciones modernas y contemporaneas.
    Hay muchas recetas que podemos utilizar en exceso, sin temor a equivocarnos, y que armonizaran acertadamente con el resto de las composiciones.

    La idea moderna va desde los grupos geometricos sumamente ordenados y con un ritmo adecuado, hasta los grupos heterogeneos en su colocacion como en sus marcos.

    Lo que esta totalmente negado en el minimalismo, es la colocacion en escalera, la colocacion en triangulos, o en circulos.


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Crushing on...

    I was organizing my photos tonight and found these pics from our trip to Boston last summer.

    Oh, and a photo of our (formerly a) kitten, Ollie.

    Did my heart good, it did...

    Don't photos of your family just make you swoon?
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    Minimalist garden design

    How minimalist design for the home garden?
    Park home owners increasingly become the status symbol. Mix & match style house with a garden can produce a unique look and increasingly reflects the owner.

    At present, the park houses not only as a mere supplement, but it's getting just as important as architecture and interiors. Even for some people has become a symbol of prestige. The better someone's home garden arrangement, reflecting the social class of owners.

    Park in your house. Same personal with home design. It is expected that the design reflects not only personal but also supports the home owner activity and the needs of residents of the space. From the head of the family, wife to the kids.

    For example, one of the lifestyle trend now is to hold a garden party with a barbeque in the evening or late afternoon. Of course, we will gladly run this program when we garden with good design, especially at night.

    If we have children who are active. Obviously need a roomy place to play. Garden elements such as swings and play ground equipment that other children can we match the garden design.

    Certainly many aspects that must be taken into account in designing the park. Although we do get help from the landscaper, still we must pay attention to the important aspects in the design of the park, namely: expansion of existing parks, activities shall be accommodated in the park, the harmony of gardens with buildings.

    Like architecture, garden design known in a variety of gardens. What is the type of garden? There are various types of parks are generally known. Distinguished by the cultural background and geographical origin of the development of the park. Differences in composition and animating characters that used the park.

    There are so many types of garden that a traditional cultural background and geographical. There's Japanese garden, china garden, garden french, American, English, tropical Bali, a tropical Thailand and Japan, there is a growing garden suitable times, such as garden modern, minimalist and dry garden. Each type reflects a strong character and have different effects lover.

    That one architectural style developed today are minimalist. This style emerged after World War II. Nowhere on Those days lots of people's houses destroyed by the war so That the government make a home in modular form (Standard and Poor 'in Aceh now), WHO is easy and cheap workmanship but still with the design well. Key features of this building is a simple form, without ornament and emphasis on function space.

    Simple and without ornament is suitable to the spirit and lifestyle during this period. Simple and emphasis on function. Unfortunately in Indonesia, this minimalist style so expensive because it is not made of modules that are available and must be custom made.

    Distinctive minimalist building is at least ornament and color who tend to be styled 'industry' is a white, gray and black.

    Houses do not have minimalism minimalist garden as well. Mix & match (solid-match) of the various garden-style residential homes can make you look more stylish.
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Sketch Graffiti Bubble Alphabet is Wearing Style

Sketch Graffiti Bubble Alphabet is Wearing Style

Sketch Graffiti Bubble Alphabet is Wearing Style

Vector Design Graffiti Alphabet and Number Set

Colour ME Happy!!!

    {me & maria}

    We got a visit from Maria Killam of Colour Me Happy this week!!!  Maria flew down to DC (really Virginia) from NYC this week and we had such a great time!  Maria is everything she seems on her blog and more: super-stylish, quick-witted, thoughtful, frank and so much fun.   She's continually looking to grow & learn and is a natural teacher.  This may sound cheesy, but she's a very wise, self-aware person.  . 

     I got to go on a Colour Me Happy color consultation to see her in action and (of couse!) she's so good.  I have no doubt her client will be thrilled with the results.  She also picked out some colors for me at our house for when we get to those rooms!!  yayyyy

    {the perfect little turquoise vase she brought me}

    Maria also filled me in on the latest color trends and one of my favorite descriptions was "Pretty Ugly."  Click here to read more about it.   I also learned that I'm totally in the stoneage as far as technology goes and have a lot of things to learn like twitter, snaggit and windows live writer.  Maria is so generous with info and I have a mental checklist of all the things I need to get on like a Pure Style Home facebook page, etc.  Anyway, it was awesome to meet another amazing blogfriend and we can't wait to see her again!!  She's amazing!!

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Home Interior Design With Wood

Tibet Graffiti Alphabet Canvas

Tibet Graffiti Alphabet Canvas

Tibet Graffiti Alphabet Canvas

Writing Alphabet Graffiti Beast

Writing Alphabet Graffiti Beast

Writing Alphabet Graffiti Beast

Graffiti Alphabet Small Letter A-Z

Luxury Scandinavian Kitchen Design

    We know we have been featuring a lot of kitchens of late at Home-Designing. But nice designs like these just keep hitting us.
    These scandinavian kitchens from Swedish maker Marbodal make use of the typical pale and cool color palettes that you normally associate with kitchens from this part of Europe. Most kitchens are predominantly white, with the surfaces sporting a matte and soft finish. The company has compiled its features in three different ranges namely Family for people with kids, Style for people who like to display their taste and Gourmet for the ones who love to cook and serve. Also, some of them have a few surprises thrown in. Take a look:

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Spherical Luxury Kitchen Furniture

    These Sheer Spherical Kitchens are a very handful and handy piece of kitchen furniture. It neatly packs into it a table top, gas burners, a washing basin and utensil holder. When not in use it covers up easily and make the kitchen look neat and tidy. These spherical kitchen also come in remote controlled features. When the lid is closed it glows with soft intimate light which surely gives your kitchen a look that it befits.
    You can also check out more kitchen designs at Design Arcade which has collections of great ideas.

    Spherical Kitchen Furniture
    kitchen furniture 1

    Spherical Kitchen Furniture Design
    kitchen furniture 2

    Modern Spherical Kitchen Furniture Design
    kitchen furniture 3

    Stylish Spherical Kitchen Furniture Design
    kitchen furniture 4
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Great Modern and Luxury Furniture Design for Stylish Living Room by Hülsta

    Great Modern Furniture for Stylish Living Room by Hülsta

    This is a modern furniture for your beautiful Living Room has presented by Hülsta, Mento is one of them and is created to bring the clarity and simplicity to any modern living room. The combination of white lacquered cabinets and areas of different shades of natural wood creates a visual impact and look very harmonic. You will find much wit and eye catching solutions with spacious TV units, shelving systems and other elements necessary to provide residents of these products range.

    Contemporary Living Room with Modern Furniture
    Cool Modern Furniture for Modern Living Room
    Modern Furniture Design for Beautiful Living Room
    Modern Living Room with Modern Chandelier
    Modern Living Room with Modern Wall Unit
    Modern Wooden Furniture
    White Dining Room with Modern Chandelier
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Hollywood Celebrities Luxury Homes Design Worth Drooling Over

    Celebrity homes are the most viewed homes and why not they surely make you stare at the gigantic farmhouses and villas with an open mouth. The Hollywood celebrities really know how to live in style and most of them have houses that are stretches over acres of land. One another common factor in most of their houses is a huge open swimming pools either in the backyard or on their terrace. These castle shaped homes shown below are of the top brands of Hollywood.
    The first image shown below is the mansion of the late Michael Jackson. Its a huge place with around 12 luxurious bedrooms.

    Michael Jackson House Celebrity Homes
    michael jackson home celebrity home
    The image shown below is the house of Ben Affleck.
    Ben Affleck House Celebrity Homes
    ben affleck celebrity homes hollywood homes
    Johny Depp House Celebrity Homes
    johny depp home celebrity homes
    This beautiful house belongs to John Travolta. He surely knows how to live in style.
    John Travolta House Celebrity Homes
    john travolta celebrity home hollywood property
    Nicholas Cage House Celebrity Homes
    nicolas cage hollywood home celebrity homes
    Sylvester Stallone House Celebrity Homes
    sylvester stallone beverly hills celebrity home
    The Spellings Home Celebrity Homes
    spelling home beverly hills celebrity homes
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