Skyblend subfloor coming today!

    Our subfloor is getting delivered today! Before we go and meet the guy, I wanted to post about this's 1/2" particle board that doesn't have formaldahyde in it. It's made from 100% recycled wood...pre-consumer but still better than nothing...and it's made here in Oregon! Neato!

    You can check out our all the nifty stats about our new Skyblend subfloor here. I don't mean to advertise but I'm so excited to have found this stuff after being told by so many hardware store folks that it didn't exist.

    Lara got rid of her twins for the week ~ she's celebrating her newfound freedom by coming over today to help us take the staples out of our recycled tounge and groove floorboards. :)

    We're hoping that we can put down the joists and subfloor today and maybe even get some of the T & G down....I guess we need to rent a floorboard nailer thingy? More research needed - I'm going to look that up now.

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