Pedicure Poker Stranger

    I have a pretty hectic job, yes, I know, don't we all! And, just like many of you, I occasionally find myself buried alive in unfinished overdue (no, I wouldn't ever let anything be overdue!) projects, stressed to the max that I am not going to get the work done and be immediately fired! I had left work Friday with not making a dent on the piles of paper on my desk, telling my secretary not to touch a pile, and not to put anything else on my desk for fear it would never be seen again. I don't like leaving on Friday that way. It's such pressure to come in on Monday and remember what pile was what!

    Saturday morning I found myself full of guilt for leaving my office and not finishing up more than I had. As I looked around, it seemed the house duties were piling up as well. My mind was full of how far behind I was at work, how many events were coming up, a light design I still hadn't completed, another script to read, floors to clean, toilets to scrub, bleach and laundry. The pressure was on to decide what project I should jump on first. My organizational gold side thought I should make a list, complete each task in order, checking off the things as I finished, watching my progress, and feeling very good about myself.

    Instead, I decided I really needed a pedicure. That's my blue side (If you have ever had the color of your personality tested you know what I am talking about here)

    I have a nice little salon I go to whenever it is time to pull the stress out of my body. When I feel like screaming I CAN'T DO ANYMORE!!, it's time to go. That's when I head for the stress relief and relaxation place. That's really what a pedicure is all about. They put your feet in hot water and all the blood from your head runs to your feet, along with all the stress. Then they rub your feet and pull your toes and yank out all the crap (no, not toe jam, stress crap!) They massage your calves and feet, you feel completely empty of the soul-sucking smog of stress. No worry about the responsibilites you are ignoring, just relax and drift away. I avoid the attempt at conversation. Better to just close your eyes and drift away.

    And so there I was drifting. There was a TV playing from the ceiling and a commercial came on playing that Hawaiian guys version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that seques to "What a Wonderful World" on a ukelele. I opened my eyes to see the commercial and commented on how much I really liked that song, how very mellow, simple, a very different arrangement.

    The lady said she loved his music and went on to tell me (conversation had started, no more drifting) that she loved that guys music and his name was IZ. And she loved his music because it was so calming.

    She went on to say she was a professional Poker player. And that whenever she is on her way to a tournament she is always so nervous, she puts in his CD and it relaxes her, that it was her favorite CD. There was a big Poker tournament starting that weekend so I figured she would be listening to the CD for the next few days. We both went back to drifting.

    She finished and left the store. I was there for another 15 minutes or so, put on those stupid thongs (shoes!) they give you and scuffled out to my car. As I was unlocking the door, someone yelled and I turned and it was her, CD in hand scuffling toward me (she had the thongs on, too) She told me to take it and she would get another since I liked that song so much. I, immediately declined knowing she would need it over the weekend to get through the tournament. She insisted, handed it to me and walked away."Thanks!" I got in my van and was so amazed that this total stranger gave me her favorite CD.

    Gee, people here hardly say "hello" to strangers let alone give away their favorite CD. I realized I didn't even know her name. I opened the door and hopped out to find out her name, but it was too late, she was gone. I wanted to let her know that I appreciated her kindness. I wondered if she could tell I was really havng a bad day (findng out I wouldn't be having my nightly blog reads of DebbieDoesLIfe had certainly depressed me) and did she know how uplifting her gesture was to me? The entire last week or so had just been incredibly crummy. Yea, I know it was just a CD, but I really do love that song and I had no idea who the singer was to try and find it. I drove out of the parking lot with my faith in humanity restored, pretty pink toes and smooth heals!

    I can't help but wonder how the pedicure poker stranger did in the tournament? I wonder if she even guesses that her random act of kindess brightens my days as I play that CD every morning on my way to work? I hope she came out ahead. I know I did. Thanks, Lady, may the poker angels smile upon you.Source URL:
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