Dedicated to DebbieDoesLife

    Am I blogging? Wow, I am doing it! I am a 52 year old (really young 52 year old by the way) wife, mother and grandmother. I work days and good ole hubby works nights. After a long day at work, I found much relaxation scouring the computer for various things. Sometimes doing geneology work, sometimes finding gardening tips and then one day I was trying to find a picture of Terri Garr, the movie actress that currently has some bad disease and why no one has seen her lately, but someone that I had been told I looked like years ago. So, I thought, I wonder if there is still a resemblance and the search was on.

    But, to my dismay, I kept getting DebbieDoesLife (for certain a porno site!) and finally, gave up and thought, "Okay, I'll bite." and to my most utmost surprise came across a blog site. I had heard of blogs, knew it was some computer thing, maybe a journal thing, not sure. I read. And read. Debbie was ME! (She even sorta looked like me) Her humor, her caring, her sharing, all me. It was cosmic. I was hooked.

    Every night I would come home and jump on the computer to see what had happened in Debbie's Blog. I went through all the past posts, looked at pictures of her hubby and boys. From some very lonely nights, came a light to my world. I had a friend, that didn't know I was even there, but provided such inspiration and lots of laughs!

    Then the other night I go and she has a very sad picture of a clown crying and says she is taking a sabbatical. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" Oh, Debbie, don't leave us now. I wanted to comment but you had to be a member of the blog world. It's taken me several nights to FINALLY figure this out, and here I am world. I hope I find some friends that are missing Debbie as much as I will be, and help me make it through the nights of the next weeks, months until Debbie's life settles down, she unpacks all the boxes, gets her computer set up in the new house and starts blogging again. I sure hope she puts up a picture from her son's graduation, I feel so proud of him! I know she does too. Thanks Debbie! You brought a ton smiles to my world.

    Oh, and Terri Garr, why it linked to DebbieDoesLife? Because she had a post regarding someone saying she looked like Terri Garr who she dispises! So, okay, we are different, I like Terri!

    Now, I am off to FINALLY, comment on her blog! Wish me luck!Source URL:
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