Frustrated blogger

    I've spent half of the night looking for a sight that offers 'free blogger templates' trying to find something that I could upload easily yet was indicative of my absolutely unique style. Unfortunately, I found nothing. Why is it so difficult to find a way to add a photo header? I have some great shots from trips to Italy and Mexico, and would love to utilize one for my header. But, no. After totally screwing up my blog (fortunately I saved a copy before messing around) I am right back with the same old blah template.

    It is just too hard to find a template that says: hippie, peace, guitar, nature girl, mom. Why is that? A sunflower here, a guitar, peace signs, where are those templates?

    Being the persistent one, I am off to search the ends of cyberspace! Hopefully, this sight will look new and fresh ..... soon!Source URL:
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