Getting There

    Well, it's not exactly what I was hoping, but it is getting there. After several days of cutting and pasting different html code or whatever the code is in the template, I have finally made a photo header!! YEA! Yes the side photo is me rapelling. I think it was easier to rapell down the cliff there than it was putting the darn picture in the right spot. Next, I will be trying to get the fonts changed and colors.

    Tonight I can't spend too much time here as my dear hubby get's off tonite from the Phantom show and home at 9pm, as opposed to after midnight most nights. So, this will be a short night for me to dabble with the code and upload pictures.

    Been a terribly hectic week at work, the lead actor died (for real!) and the show was supposed to open this weekend. Needless to say most of us were in shock and now I'm trying to get press out regarding postponing the show one week. Fortunately, the director is jumping in to fill the role and we didn't have to cancel. But, man, I've known Bob, the actor that died, for many years. This has been a real shocker.

    And the name of the play? God of Hell. Welcome to my life!Source URL:
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