Can't Believe I Just Did That!

    Today I did something that I have been so afraid of doing for years, but never did. That really horrible something that has you waking up in a sweat when you even dream about doing it. I still can't believe I did it. I am usually so careful.

    You know. What's your biggest fear with email? Inadvertantly sending an email to the wrong person. Oh, sure, it would be no big deal if it was just a "hi, how ya doing' email. But when you think you are FORWARDING an email to a friend from a jerk of a client, with little smart ass side comments in blue....bolded. When you call the client a "Whacked out nut case" and make another comment that infers he is masterbating. Well, that's a little different. Yea.

    It was supposed to go to a friend with the first line "Please don't share, but this is what I have been dealing with all week..."

    I thought she would get the shock I did when I received this email, and then be writing back with "OMG! what a jerk!"

    I didn't hear from her. So I called her on the way home and asked her what she thought. She didn't get the email. OMG! Who did I send it to?

    Well, instead of hitting "forward" I hit "reply." Yep. I sent it to the client. The same client I will be meeting with tomorrow! The whacked out nut case!

    Yea, just call me the email dumbass of the week!

    added 6/17/09. I get a call today from the college attorney. I see his name on the phone and think "Oh sh*t, he knows. I answer and he says "I need to talk to you about an email you sent.....(I'M DEAD!) to the legislature this past session......(How do you spell relief?)Source URL:
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