Bald Pros and Cons

    I got in the car today on my way home from work, and looked desperately around for a hat or cap. Spied a tennis cap in the back seat. Perfect. Wig off. Hat on. Thank you God! My poor head was itching like crazy and I just couldn't wait to get home to take off the wig.

    This got me thinking about what sucks about being bald, which then got me thinking about what is good about being bald.

    *No need to buy Shampoo/Conditioner/hair spray
    *No time wasted to fix hair
    *You can rub your head for luck whenever you want
    *You can scare people at will
    *No falling hairs on dark tops
    *Don't have to worry about messing up hair when putting on or taking off top
    *Don't have to worry about touching up roots
    *Can go from long hair to short hair and back in a day

    *Wigs cause head to itch like crazy
    *head feels cold and wet all the time, except when covered and it itches
    *Scares self when catching site of self unexpectedly in the mirror(keep thinking some bald man is in the house!)
    *Ears appear much larger without hair

    Well, see there. There are more positives to being bald then there are cons. I should be so happy. I guess I need to work on that.Source URL:
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