Small Bathroom Decorating

    A bathroom is our own little private place. We spend countless hours selecting the proper wall layouts, mirror shapes, the herbal oils and body lotions, etc. We always make an attempt to keep our bathrooms well maintained and up to date.

    Openness and airiness is the key towards making your bathroom look larger in size. It may seem impossible to do it with no windows or one small window in a tiny bathroom that hardly affords you room to stand. Yet, with the right combination of color and d├ęcor if space allows, you will feel like your bathroom has grown by leaps and bounds. Let me reveal the secrets of decorating your tinny bathroom.

    Saving the Space
     Though there is not enough room for you to move around in your bathroom, still with a little thought, we can face lift your old and small space. Let's say, make a small glass cabin in your bathroom for quick showers? These ideas sound a little awkward - but trust me; a glass cabin will not only give you enough space for shower, but also will make your bathroom look more stylish.

    Choose the Right Furniture
    Rather than adding bulky bath tubs and sink, try getting more sleek and innovative items for your bathroom. Throw away your hamper, and other than that, try using a basket which will give the illusion of more space while still allowing towels and bath linens to be hidden away.

    Get Rid of the Boring White Walls
    We have been living under an impression that white bathrooms make clean bathrooms. But let me tell you that this is way out of fashion right now! Rather than using white paint and making your bathroom look a lot smaller, try applying monochromatic palette, or use colors which have identical power without making the room appear overcrowded. For example, bright shades of pink or orange can make your bathroom look spectacular. Make your walls look bright and exotic. After this, if you feel like spending more time in your bathroom, you have won the game!
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