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    Most people think they can just walk into a plumbing store or a home improvement center and buy a tub. It's not that easy. You will need to go shopping with some information in hand before you can pick the right tub for your bathroom.
    Let's call them the five magic ingredients.

    First, you need to know the dimensions of your bathroom. It would be a shame to buy a bathtub and find you can't fit it, or a large tub overpowers a small room. Measure your room's width and length, and even the height, in case you may consider a raised tub.

    Second, you need to have the dimensions of the area in the bathroom where the tub is intended to go. The tub may fit in the room, but if you were planning on putting it in an alcove, you have to have the exact measurements. Again, proportion must be taken into account, since you don't want the tub to look lost in the space.

    Third, decide upon the material you want your bathtub to be made of. There are so many materials available today, from plastic to marble. Porcelain, marble or stone may be the most attractive, but they are also the most expensive. Plastic is the least expensive, and does not show scratches as easily as porcelain.

    Fourth, decide upon the color you want for your tub before you go shopping. White or beige are the most popular colors, but you can have a tub in almost any color you can imagine including lavender, lime green or yellow. If you have been planning the bathroom decorating, you probably have a color scheme picked out, and the color of the tub should go with this. Remember also, that even if a lime green bathtub would look good in the room now, when you want to change the decorating scheme, you may be stuck with a tub that doesn't go with anything else. Better to stick to a neutral color.Source URL:
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