Pumpkins and Spice...

    What a busy Halloween!

    For some reason I was taken over by some crazy drive to pull everything out of my Halloween bag of tricks like some kind of superwoman. Not sure where that came from or what I was "possessed" by!

    This is what I took on as my way to celebrate:

    1. Craft time with the girls in my family:

    2. Caramel Apples: using Werther's Originals and Honey Crisp apples...yum!

    3. White Chocolate Ghosts for Sophie's Halloween party: (it was supposed to be treat-free, but when her teacher told the class that, Sophie piped up that I already had all the ingredients and would be "disappointed" if I couldn't send them in. Lucky me!

    4. Craft time with some of Sophie's friends (too busy to take many photos!):
    We made little Halloween trees with paint and glitter!

    Annual Pumpkin Carving Party:

    We had my spicy chili, rolls, delicious chicken soup and apple crumble pie made by one friend, and this decadent chocolate cake made by another friend:

     And the annual stoop shot, posing with their pumpkins:

     And last but not least, Halloween itself!!

    Busy, but happy...
    Happy Halloween!!!
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