The really important stuff!

    I am finalizing all of the details of my trip to Arizona to meet NieNie and her family. All of my work material is organized and packed, passport tucked away safely and US dollars organized by presidents in my wallet. (You really need to colour coordinate your money like we's so confusing! ;-)
    I can always hear my mother's voice in my head, "Now Linda, be sure you aren't handing over a ten instead of a one!!" I can always count on her for sound advice

    On my recent trip to Bangor, I picked up some pretty clothes. Lots of ruffles, soft colours and even a fun pair of gladiator sandals that don't make me look like I'm clinging to my youth too much, I hope.

    Here are some of the pieces coming with me:

    Two white skirts and an embellished t-shirt from Target:

    And from New York Company (Bangor Mall...I know, I'm fancy)

    This sweater is even prettier in real life. Very Anthro and I should have gotten one in another colour, too.

    I bought it to go with this dress:

    Now, I know what you are thinking: I will look like a mad fool in this dress. But remember, I am 5 ft 4" and am wearing the above sweater (which really does match) with it. So it is not too short and is actually very pretty together; I know this for certain because my mother told me so!!

    I also bought this pretty top, which looks great with my white pants and the silver, ruffled flip flops below:
    And these sandals in cream. They are very comfortable and not high enough that I feel like Kate Gosselin, either. Because I am NOT a fan of her shoes!

    I also bought a very pretty sundress and light sweater at The Gap, kind of nautical, but not so much that it screams Farewell to Nova Scotia. Because, you know I try to be a good ambassador to Canada when I travel. No embarrassing everyone!
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