Pinking Up...

    I bought myself something this weekend. It was a cardigan in the palest shade of pink I have ever been able to find. I fairly bolted into the shop where I spied it, and it quickly has become my favourite clothing purchase in a long time. Pink is a shade I have loved since girlhood. I love the way it makes our cheeks look rosier and how feminine we feel in it.

    photographer: Paul Costello

    That said, my daughter always questions why I don't have more of it in our home - which is a very good question, considering I always vow it is my favourite colour. Indeed, I read a very good book over the holidays, The Well-Dressed Home, by Annette Tatum, and it reaffirmed my belief that we should take inspiration from our closets (current or dream) when decorating our homes. Having seen this room - found in her book - featured in Country living a while back, I solemly (but silently) declared it to contain sofas slipcovered in the perfect shade of delicate pink.

    While I have found my own pursuit of that perfect shade in accessories and furnishings elusive, here is what I found to share of some pink I just might consider for my own home if the world was the fantasy place we would all like it to be:


    I'm just not sure if the boys would go for any of it!!
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