Spreading Our Wings....

    Moss and I are still here in Oregon and very busy working in our new studio, making dolls, puppets, boots and hats for Faerieworlds Festival, which will take place on August 31st here in Eugene Oregon. Our fiber art business is starting to pick up and it seems settling down in a house was just the right thing for us. The extra space has really allowed us more room to expand and create, just as we had thought. After hand spinning my own yarn for many years I just recently decided to start selling it on Etsy and at the local weekly craft market here. Surprisingly people really liked it and we sold it the first day ! Needless to say I will be spinning more yarn in the near future.

    With all this extra space we are finally able to fine tune our skills and production. Our hope is to work it out so that everything we are doing can be easily replicated in the bus. This will enable us to eventually go back out on the road again, selling and making our items in a more consistent and lucrative manner. Weather we will do this in our current bus or start over again building a smaller, more efficient one remains to be seen. We would really like one that could be easily taken over seas for travel in European countries....

    While I will continue to update my blog from time to time as the mood strikes me..I have been also doing a lot of posting on Facebook and would like to invite everyone to connect with us there as well. I have included an app in the lower left hand corner of the page here and you can access my Facebook site that way.

    I will leave you here with some random pictures from my life in the last few months...

    A view from our kitchen window..

    Moss and sage enjoy one of the many hot springs in Oregon...

    Summer solstice celebration at the farm. That is our friends Bus-sauna in the background !

    Moss and Sage at the beach on her second Birth Day..

    Sage flies a kite all by herself for the first time, on her second Birth Day. She was SO excited !

    Sage among the flowers

    Sheep inspect a new fleece..

    Preparing fleece for washing....

    Faunas..the gentle one..

    Our humble abode..

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