Blustery Day and Eyelashes

    Well, it's a blustery day in the neighborhood with a distinct chill in the air! I am feeling very wimpy bundling up and complaining of the cold when it's probably all of 48 degrees outside and I know the hubs is up in Winnipeg where it is -30. I will be flying up there to spend a few days with him and wondering how I pack all the outer wear/boots/gloves/socks/thermals/handwarmers and then my regular clothes in my carry on suitcase....along with my laptop of course! I am most concerned about my eyeballs. Won't they just freeze solid the minute I step outside? Why do people live in such a cold place? Thank you to all my ancestors who traveled to the hell pit of the desert which became Las Vegas!

    Today i used mascara for the first time in 5 months! Okay they are miniscule eyelashes but they are there! I looked really hard and I saw them this morning and knew I must pull out the mascara. Enhancement is a women's best friend!Source URL:
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