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    1. "Add another peg. See if you can use better place in the closet or the closet, if he hastwo or more walls. So one fit shtender (stick), which attach long garments (trousers, dresses) and on the other - two, one below the other - on shirts, skirts, sweatshirts.

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    2. "Install racks. Most raftove in the closet or cabinet may be moved up or down. Can razmestite so that the distance between them is different. Or, if big enough - to add further between them, as long as that does not hinder their use. Plastic cabinets with many mobile raftove are ideal for the kitchen. Good idea to fit his corner stand to match each room or office. There will be wonderful stoyat photos vazi, small figurines and other treasures.

    3. "Use shkafchetata. Chekmedzhetata shkafchetata and you can buy from any further furniture store are ideal to save space. There are lockers for example, special boxes that hold spices or tea and coffee. They are on a rotating basis - when you remove a box in its place comes next. You can find those collected in 40 boxes. There are coffee table with some amount coming in each other. So the place is occupied by only the biggest but as your guests arrive you can remove them and other so arranged that everyone has a comfortable place for coffee and fresh. Chekmedzhetata under beds and couches are the perfect place to arrange tablecloths, sheets, towels. Be creative and use these as "hidden" features.

    home and office interior design4. "Remember the walls. Look around and see how much free space there on the walls in your apartment. There are many ways to use this recent space. For example in the kitchen can hang them pans or some of the most used utensils. If you do not have enough plot, you can do so resilient, to raise when not in use. Position beautiful skirt on the walls, where you can arrange the boxes of coffee or tea, photo frame or any other sundries. In almost every corner shop selling cabinets or raftove to be installed very easily.

    5. "Make the most common subjects of one hand distance. If possible, hold the things you use most often near to where them. For example - CDs - by regulation or TV, bed linen - in the bedroom, spare toiletries - in the bathroom. If you use scissors in his office and the kitchen, keep in mind two, so I always have handy. So save time and things will be very well arranged.

    6. Buy your extra drawer. Most shops for furniture and office accessories you can find moving boxes or pull-outs with rings. They can not keep everything and are suitable for both home and office. Various sizes allow holding them under the desk, under the bed or couch and remove them easily when you need it.
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    7. "Keep your desk cleared. Tidy desk is a prerequisite for a more productive job than that zatrupano with paper documents. Take your store klasyori other office accessories, boxes of pencils, paperclips and any smaller objects. CDs will be protected and arranged in specific klasyori and pull-outs. So easy to find what you need without wasting time and concentration. interior

    office interior8. "Rearrange". Each has a different taste and preference for furniture. Arrange office and home so that work for you. If you have a large and comfortable kitchen, you would not need a dining room. If you work at home and your office is dark and bright bedroom, but rather the opposite - not wondered long and change their places. Just look around your house and display the most convenient way for you.

    9. "Alter the articles. You have many favorite subjects, but little visible. Here's one for you. In a few months alter your favorite items that are arranged as home and office. One to store in the cabinet and remove other time repeat the procedure. So will not need to izhvarlyate valuable things for you. There may be fussy and would allow the articles to see.

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