Just a Little Update...

    Well, it turns out that our computer which was supposedly fixed was actually not.

    We drove the 150 miles to pick it up at the computer store in Medford, but when we got it back to Eugene discovered that some of the keys did not work , they gave us the wrong cord and then the computer suddenly froze. All this within a few days of having it back. Alas... I am now back on the library computer and hence my infrequent postings. In a few days we will travel south to southern Oregon for some work related activities and at that time we will drop off the computer to be fixed again. The computer store seems to think it is due to an error on their part and we, of course, agree.

    It will be at least another week or two before I can get back to my more regular infrequent postings. Gotta go my computer time is ticking away.........Source URL: http://threemoonsevolving.blogspot.com/2008/09/just-little-update.html
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