adventures in making the bus SECURE...and cute

    So lately we've been securing the bus for MOVEMENT!

    That means lots of this:
    And this:

    We also had yet another leaking incident. Same wall, different spot. Can't tell where or why but I can tell you that I caulkled the crap out of the left-hand side of my bus.

    See each of those rivet lines? Well, there's caulk in them now.

    We also finalized my sewing space!!

    Can you believe I paired down my lace collebtion to just TWO tiny drawers? This down from 2 garbage-bags-full.

    My treadle is secured with tie down points screwed into the floor joists and 2 tie downs through the cast iron base for driving. We had to choose our points wisely so that we didn't bend the base or put any undue pressure on sensitive parts of the cabinet. There's also a length of 2x2 on its side inbetween the two feet that rest along the wall. That should keep it from moving side-to-side (or from the bus' point of view, forwards and backwards).

    Here is is with both tables open! A seamstress' dream. It's more room than most of us have to sew in "real" homes. I have an old cutting board to put on top of the opening in the treadle in case I want to put my electric machine or serger there instead.

    I converted the 2nd sewing table (the plain one - NOT my redeye singer) into a storage cabinet. I found it - with old (*&#ed machine and all - on the sidewalk. Took it home, trashed the machine, put a false floor in it and now it's a table/cabinet. I have room for 2 baskets of notions underneath my thread holder!

    We also made the wall opposite the sewing space GORGEOUS. Fabric on the right, coats, shoes and bags on the left:

    From another angle:

    Close-up of the purdy shoe holder I made in my new sewing space:

    What it all looks like in context:

    I also used my new sewing space to make cover-up curtains for the shelves. I think it makes it feel more tidy and organized. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Here's another random DIY attempt of late: banjo case. Think fake velvet + cardboard + staples + old cushion insides + old towel + guerrilla tape + bent aluminum ribs + brads + webbing (for hinges) + ribbon (for closures)....the outside is even uglier than the inside but, hey, it works!

    I'll leave you with a glam/bikerdyke shot of me next to our stowed table:

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