Under 100 degrees! FINALLY!

    Ah, what a great, great day! Do you just LOVE the cooler weather? I am lovin' it! My flowers are happy, they bow down to me when I walk by, sounds like a John Denver song right? Hmmm, what was that song? "I'll walk in the rain by your side...." Come to think of it, I think the bees bow down in the song, not the flowers. Oh, well, my flowers, bow down to their queen and tell me how happy they are, they are blooming again, and I am happy too. Now, when I say cooler, I mean out of the triple digits of the Vegas summers. So, maybe the rest of the states are getting down to 60's and 70's but here in the glorious wild west, we really can fry eggs on the sidewalks and look forward to the double digit temperatures.Yes, I think Autumn has arrived! Time to dig under the bed and pull out all the sweaters, it will be 70 before you know it.

    I love Summer, I truly do. I love the feel of the warm sun on my skin, the cancerous rays burning through all layers. I love going to the beach and wathcing the kids play in the sand and water. I love closing my eyes and listening to the waves reaching the shore. And while young minds are mesmerized with the sounds of the waves, I hear the sand being sucked back into the depths of the ocean and imagining that sound to be similar to that of lyposuction. If I were ever brave enough to give it ago, I would be better able to ascertain that fact. I love watching the toddlers chasing the waves, the awe in their faces at seeing the ocean for the first time and trying to contemplate the vastness in their small world of experiences. My eyes wander to the young slender bodies in bikinis and I so want to tell them to flaunt it while they can because the vastness of their rear and thighs will soon be upon them, and the days of bikinis will soon be a distant memory, a picture in a scrapbook. (Yes, Mom used to wear a bikini, too!) Yes, let us move away from the bikini days of Summer and toward the almighty body equalizing days of Autumn, where each and every one us us will look chunky in sweats!

    Autumn is our reminder that Spring will be coming in all it's botanical glory after the restful days of winter. (For those of you back east, you may insert, the bleak cold hell of winter! ) And for you guys: Autumn means football and tailgating parties, beer, chips and big screen tv's with your favorite team running across lifesize and in living color! Ah, Autumn. It's the best! Maybe tomorrow we'll get down below 90, it's almost going to be freezing!Source URL: http://threemoonsevolving.blogspot.com/2006/09/under-100-degrees-finally.html
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